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Generations of Trust, Professionalism, & Leadership

Since 1952, Fish Real Estate and their affiliates have been building and shaping their footprint in the Central Pennsylvania area, to accommodate their clients and to adapt to the ever-changing market demands . The "Fish " brand, has become and remains the trusted name in real estate, throughout Central PA, as well as the leader in their market share.

FCG agents ensure you feel confident and remain knowledgeable during every step of the buying and selling process, but that's not all... Each agent is backed by a team of professional and friendly staff employees, to assist with every transaction; ensuring accuracy and efficiency at the closing table, and every instance in between.

The "Fish" brand continues to lead their market by making their clients and communities their main priority. Making You #1, Makes Us #1.

Seller & Landlord Representation

Fish Commercial Group exclusively represents owners and businesses to market their properties, for purchase or for lease.

Buyer & Tenant Representation

Exclusively representing buyers and tenants to locate the space that best fits their needs and their businesses' needs.

Our Agents


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The Real Estate Law requires that I provide you with a written Consumer Notice. Since we are discussing real estate without you having the benefit of reviewing the consumer notice, it is my duty to advise you, that any information you give and we discuss, at this time, will not be considered confidential, unless and until you and I enter into a business relationship. At our first meeting, I will provide you with a written Consumer Notice which explains those various duties and corresponding relationships, as well as my responding duties.